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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow Day IV: The Blackbirds Return

Although I was thinking spring and working out in the yard over the weekend (with one day in the 60s), this morning there was a snow storm that closed the schools out this way...so, I get another unexpected day off.

I've been eagerly watching for the red-winged blackbirds to return. Normally, I spot the males perched on cattails or shrubs near ponds along the side of the road. I thought I saw one on Friday while driving in to work, but I couldn't see the tell-tale red and yellow epaulet, so it was not until this morning when a whole flock of them descended on our feeder that I was sure they were back. The males are supposed to arrive 2 weeks before the females to establish their territories. The flock was mixed and predominately female.

The females are streaked brown while the males are black with red and yellow patches on their shoulders. I also noticed a grackle or two feeding with them on occasion.

I love to hear the trilling call of the red-winged blackbird. ~smile~ So, despite the snow, their calls sound like spring to me.

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