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Monday, August 2, 2010

Rough Ideas for Pond/Streambed

The underside of this rock (shown) has some depressions in it that seem perfect for running water. Originally I liked the weathered look of the top surface, but feel it is best to use this side instead.

I found this rock last year and immediately decided it may be great for the pond. A friend or ours is supposed to cut the bolt for me--I just found out today. Thanks, Justin! ~smile~

I'm hoping to use tubing connected to the hole in the rock and then disguise it with other rocks. I'm hoping it will look like a spring or an underground stream if I can set it up right--as if the water has dried up in the upper part of the stream but still flowing underneath the surface rocks.

Here I decided to try a rough idea of what it may look like. I will definitely be tweaking it. Of course, I have to dig down, put the liner down, then place the rocks appropriately. I'll be adding more rocks including smaller stones and small rounded gravel--all found on our property! ~smile~

I can see by the pictures and by looking out the window, that I need some areas for the eye to rest. I plan to make rock groupings with some spaces between them to make it look more natural and less cluttered. This is not an overnight project.

Here is the rock I dragged across half the yard (well, not quite half). The side shown on the cardboard (in an earlier post) is the flat bottom of the rock. Again the weathered side of this one is not best for the stream, either. I like the rounded look and the depression at the top for water to collect. I think I will spin it around, but I just didn't have the energy once I put if (very) roughly in place.

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