Just the back yard!? Nah, I want the front and side yards landscaped in natives too.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Clematis virginiana & a White Admiral


Ellen Honeycutt said...

Gorgeous pictures - thanks for posting these.

Julie Stone said...


I have a question about your Clematis virginiana...I just planted some this summer and it's growing quite nicely, however it doesn't seem to want to wrap its leaf stems around support as it grows up like other clematises. I'm having to tie it as it grows up the trellis. Do you think it's more of a rambler or ground cover? How does your grow? I hope that makes sense, I don't know of anyone else who has this plant.

It's nice to see that White Admiral enjoying your Clematis. I wasn't sure if its flowers were going to be attractive to insects, now I know!


David said...

Thank *you* Ellen, for the compliment and a thank you to boot! :)

Beautiful fawn on your blog.

David said...


You have a pretty amazing photo of a deer family--I love the one with the groundhog in the foreground. I guess it is a deer theme this week. While driving out to meet friends yesterday evening, Jeff and I saw a doe with her twin fawns. They were just beautiful and we got a good long look right near the side of the road. Too bad we didn't have the camera with us.

Anyway, to answer your question...I understood you perfectly, but was not sure of the answer. I went out in the yard to check before the rain hits. I searched for those clasping leaf stems that I remember from the domesticated (alien) clematis that my mother had growing up the lamp post. I checked out one of the Clematis virginiana that occur naturally on our property and started tugging on the stems. Although it doesn't seem to be as prominent as on the domestic clematis, I did notice some leaf stems had wrapped around a twig or another part of the vine. Most seemed to have only one loop around. I also have one growing out in the field that so far is acting more like a ground cover, but those that have something to climb on tend to climb--or sprawl.

I hope this answers your question. Also, congratulations on your new addition; I hope it climbs your trellis the way you'd hoped. Give it time; I remember having to tie that other clematis to the lamp post until it really took off and became a huge tangle.

Julie Stone said...

Thanks David! You answered it perfectly, I guess I just need to be patient and let it grow.

Congratulations on your sighting too, I think sometimes it seems our best sightings are the ones we don't have a camera for!

David said...

I'm glad. I'm sure it will take off once it is established.

...your comment made me think: Yes, I guess I'd rather have a sighting without a camera handy, than no sighting at all with camera ready. ...I still like having sightings *and* getting pictures of them, though. :)