Just the back yard!? Nah, I want the front and side yards landscaped in natives too.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Plug List

Perhaps it was the great, warm weather we've had for weeks--all winter really--that has had me outside even more than normal for this time of year...whatever the reason, I have been putting off creating a list of plants that I want to order as plugs from my favorite native plant nursery--Archewild in Quakertown, PA (formerly known as American Native Nursery).  I just finished composing a list and I want to post it here for future reference.

My list...although I want them all, those with asterisks *** are my top choices.

  1. Eragrostis spectabilis   (purple lovegrass)***
  2. Gentianopsis crinite (greater fringed gentian)***
  3. Tripsacum dactyloides  (eastern gamagrass)***
  4. Sporobolus cryptandrus  (sand dropseed)***
  5. Fragaria virginiana  (Virginia strawberry)
  6. Deschampsia flexuosa  (wavy hairgrass)
  7. Bouteloua curtipendula   (sideoats grama)
  8. Bouteloua gracilis      (blue grama)  PA ecotype?  I only looked at once source, but didn’t think it was native to PA
  9. Tridens flavus  (purpletop)  Height? —one source listed it as 2-7ft tall...that is quite a wide range!

Now...I'll have to call and hope they are still available.  Next, I'll move on to ordering more seed from Ernst Seed Company for my meadow planting.


Steve Willson said...

Hi, David. I have Purpletop here in southern Ohio that sometimes gets over 5 feet tall, but most of that height is from a seed stalk that is so thin and airy that it is hard to see from a distance.

David said...


Many thanks for sharing your first-hand knowledge! Good to know. I think a thin, airy seed head is much more "accessible" than a towering behemoth of a plant.

I may have some areas where some towering, flowering plants could fit--along with some taller grasses...but for the most part, I'd like my meadow a bit closer to 3 feet give or take. :)

If they have the plugs, I'll be happy to include it.

Thank you again.

David said...

I was looking back in hopes that I posted a list of names of what plugs I actually came home with. No luck.

Unfortunately, most of what was on my wishlist was not available at the nursery. I did come home with a fair variety of others...and, I believe some purpletop--the plugs became established enough to bloom, and I was please with he height and the openness--thank you again for sharing your experience of them with me, Steve Wilson.