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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


For the past week or so, I periodically check the nestbox to see if the bluebirds have returned to build a second nest for their second brood. So far, no luck. I looked the other day and it is still empty (after their first brood fledged, I cleaned out the nest, and washed out the box with bleach diluted with water.)

While taking a break from mowing the grass, I walked my paths. One of the tree swallows is still poking his/her head out of the box. I never opened their box to monitor their young as I did with the bluebirds, so I don't know when they will fledge.

Aside from the tree swallow, I spotted a goldfinch flying through our yard to the mostly wooded lot across the street. Only a short while later, did I notice what looked to me like the bluebird pair back at the edge or our 'woodland'. Come to think of it, it almost looked as though one was feeding the other--either one of their grown babies, or it could have been a mating ritual with the male feeding the female. I'm not sure. I decided to hold off until tomorrow to check to see if they are building another nest. I don't want to do anything to discourage them

After going back to the mowing, I got a phone call and sat down on the swing on our deck. That is when the phoebe flew from her nest under the eaves. I thought her nestlings had fledged already, so I'm wondering if it is a second brood--I'll have to do some research about that. I decided not to stay on the deck in case she needed to get to the nest.

After I finally, went inside, I happened to glance out the window. Luckily, I did just in time to see a hummingbird fly by. This is the first hummingbird I've seen so far this year.

That is a total of four different species in the short time I was out (well, mowing took quite a while, but I wasn't spotting birds at that time). Come to think of it, I saw our resident catbird today too--I think they may have a nest at the edge of the property. There was also another non-descript bird pretty far away from me that I was not able to identify. I'm happy to have these birds visiting or nesting in our yard.

I try to include pictures to my posts as often as I can...I didn't have the camera with me today, but here is a picture of the phoebe I took this past weekend:

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