Just the back yard!? Nah, I want the front and side yards landscaped in natives too.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cheerful Chickadees

Finally, I have something to post--and on the day I took the pictures too. After some unseasonably cold weather with few breaks of sun, we had sun all day today and comfortable temperatures.

I enjoyed being outside this afternoon; something I've not done in a while--or at least not for more then a minute or two. I grabbed the camera and went out back. The chickadees didn't seem to mind my being a few feet from their feeder. As they continued to feed with me probably not much more than an arms length away, I took numerous pictures trying to catch some good photos. Most of the time they'd jump from their perch before I'd get a focused shot. With the low battery icon flashing at me, I took picture after picture, racing against time trying to get a clear close up. I've really got to learn to keep my camera charged.

Anyway, I got these shots before I had to go charge the battery.

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