Just the back yard!? Nah, I want the front and side yards landscaped in natives too.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Good Day

Today was a good day for encountering and capturing (in pictures) wildlife in the yard.

Goldfinch. These were taken through a window.


Julie Stone said...

Great series of photos, David! I'm envious that you have frogs, I've yet to succeed in attracting any reptiles or amphibians to my yard.

David said...

Hopefully you will get some soon. You are in the suburbs, but I'd still think you could attract them.

How long have you been trying to attract wildlife? Do you have a water source?

Believe it or not, I don't have a water source yet...although I have made some progress on the pond project (I've yet to post about it). There is a drainage ditch on the edge of the property, but it has long since dried up in this intense heat and drought.

I still don't know where the frog from last month was getting by. The toad (I think it is a toad) pictured above was in the middle of the "meadow" which also surprised me.

With these amphibians showing up without a water source, I can only imagine what I'll attract once I have the pond established.

Keep trying, Julie...and let me know when you get your first frog or toad. :)