Just the back yard!? Nah, I want the front and side yards landscaped in natives too.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: A Year in Review

It is that time of year again...and I didn't think I'd be posting this until after the first of the new year...but, depending on how long it takes to upload, I might get it in under the wire.

As I did last year, I decided to do some highlights of this past year with a fast-forward through the seasons and a look at the many visitors that have appeared in the yard. Sorry for the repeats at the end, but December's photos are part of the review. :)

Happy New Year.

I can't wait to see what the new year brings as what I've already planted begins to fill in. Time will tell what else I'll add and what new visitors (and returning ones) will show up. I look forward to posting them here.


Julie Stone said...

Well done! It looks like you've cultivated quite a lovely habitat there! Your photos make me realize how much I miss seeing my insect friends this winter.

David said...

Thanks, Julie. I thought I kind of over did it this year...believe it or not, I didn't include all of the pics I set aside for this post. :)

As for the insects, with the warmer weather we've been having you might see some of the hardier ones! It will be near 50 today--the 1st of January! The others, you'll have to wait for...but spring can't be too far away, and this gives us something to look forward to.

Ellen Honeycutt said...

What a great photo summary! I loved looking at the year through pictures. You take great pictures of the birds - are you some kind of stealth ninja? Happy New Year!

David said...

Thanks, Ellen. I enjoy looking at the pictures to show the seasons progress throughout the year as well.

As for the stealth ninja comment: I don't think I'm *any* kind of ninja at all. ;) Most of the shots are of birds coming to the feeder and perching on the trees or branches I've supplied. I did a *little* stealth photography last year while inside the greenhouse--but being all glass, I'm not sure how "stealthy" it was.

There are a few shots that I got that were NOT due to a birdseed lure. I really lucked out with the bluebird in the branches of a tree. That is one of my favorites. ...and the chipping sparrow on the fence post is pretty nice too...I'd like to think that the creatures will get used to me being in the yard so much that I'll get more chances for some good shots (again without any special lures). I'm really looking forward to seeing what else this project brings. :)

Ellen Honeycutt said...

After much thought, I think that the male and female cardinal in the tree together is my favorite.

David said...

Thank you, Ellen.

I like that one too, but I wish it were of better quality. Not very clear, but I like the feeling that winter is finally giving way to spring...and the birds seem ready for it to give way too.

Not sure I have a favorite (although if I do, it is likely the bluebird in the tree)...but I could probably pick my top five favorites or so. :)