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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Witnessing Nature

I was outside, sitting at the ponds edge as I've started to do after my morning walks.  One of the frogs (yes, I now have two...more on that in another post), was sitting on a half-submerged rock no more than a foot or so away from me.  I'm trying to get them used to me and so far, although a little wary, they don't seem to view me as much of a threat.

I watched as a dragonfly swooped in several times dipping into the water until, presumably, his thirst was quenched.  Then a dragonfly of a different species was flying by, when one of his own kind entered his air space, the airshow that followed was enjoyable to watch--they swooped and flitted around all in sync only inches apart.

Meanwhile, a honey bee came to the water's edge which is very shallow on this half-submerged rock.  I've seen them and other insects drink this way before, however, this time the frog who was about a foot away from the bee, began to stalk him...crawling on his belly to move in closer--with me witnessing how the entire scene played out.  The bee seemed almost as big as this small frogs mouth.  I was kind of surprised he was stalking it.

Then it all happened so fast, he seemed to pounce on the bee (and likely catch it with his tongue at the same time).  As soon as it was in his mouth, he dove under the water...only to resurface a short time later, even closer to me...with what almost seemed like a proud look on his face.

Since I didn't have the camera with me, I went back in to create this re-enactment:

Here is the rock on which it happened, the frog however, had been sitting on the rock and the bee was a right by the water's edge under the ridge (lower, just left of center in photo).

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