Just the back yard!? Nah, I want the front and side yards landscaped in natives too.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

More to Plant

This year, I've been more diligent in collecting native wildflower seeds (and some little bluestem grass seed) to plant this winter.  Aside from the quantities I've amassed, I received some seeds from a kind Wildlife Gardeners member who lives close enough for me to consider the seed "nearly local".   

 I sent some off to her as well--and she has already planted hers!

Thanks again, Lori. :)


Rebecca said...

I hope you have better luck with your seed than I had with mine. This year, I'm just scattering it around outside and hoping for the best.

David said...


So far, I have had good luck with what I've planted--mostly asters, milkweeds, Monarda fistula, and Penstemon digitalis.

This past year, with the crazy warm winter then a freeze early spring after things began to germinate, I feel I got fewer plants than expected, but I still had things to plant--a few little bluestem among them, I think.

Here's hoping the varieties I'm planting this year, along with the seeds I got from Lori, don't need any special treatment. I'm hoping to make a bigger dent in the natives to non-native ratio. Things seem to get lost in the expanse if they are not in large enough groups.

Good luck with direct seeding. I'm sorry you've not had better luck. In general, I'd say planting them in pots ensures greater success than just scattering them around...however, isn't that what nature does?