Just the back yard!? Nah, I want the front and side yards landscaped in natives too.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Heart-stopping Encounter

 I was walking the paths with camera in hand hoping to get some butterfly photos with the good light of the low angle of the sun.  Nothing caught my eye, so I continued along the path and--it is a little fuzzy how it happened but--I suddenly realized that there was a bear--yes a bear--just a little ways ahead of me!  I snapped a picture, and then, my heart started to race as I realized the potential danger of the situation.  I didn't expect an attack...it didn't even seem to know that I was there.  I figure they are afraid of humans, but wild animals are unpredictable.
My first and best shot (cropped).

A tighter close-up of the above.  Not bad.

I kept trying to take pictures, but missed shots as it turned around at the sound of a car.  After it passed, the bear heading back towards the road...and I ended up with only a blurred second photo:

Just the other week, I was talking to the neighbor who told me to be careful of bears as someone told them they'd seen one crossing the road opposite our yard.  He said he'd been told that the bear looks both ways before crossing--I missed that part, but I'd like to be able to verify it here. :)

I just missed a shot of the bear as it crossed the road and disappeared.

The only other time we saw a bear was our first year here (before I'd done much of anything to the yard)...and we were inside watching it through a window as it ate birdseed...this was quite a different experience. :)


Nodding Onion Gardens said...

I think you have accomplished your dream of attracting wildlife on to your property. Great pictures! How did you ever have the courage to stop and take them?

David said...


I guess I did...but the truth be told, we had a bear here before I did anything to improve (add native plants/habitat) the property. I am excited to see more and more biodiversity each year.

As for courage...well, I guess I thought I might as well take pictures...I'd have hated to miss the chance, however, I think if there were no fear involved, I'd have taken a lot MORE photos! :) I really should go into the camera menu and turn off the shutter noise--no use attracting attention to myself in a situation like that. :)

Thanks for the comment.