Just the back yard!? Nah, I want the front and side yards landscaped in natives too.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Encounter?

Last night, a bit after dark, I went out back to harvest a stalk of celery or two for a recipe I was making.  Just around the corner from the back door is a motion sensor light.  I stepped out into the darkness, and heard some rustling somewhere towards my left near the deck.  My first thought was that I startled a deer or something, but my thoughts quickly went to the bear I encountered a month or  so ago.  I grabbed a shovel I had leaning nearby...just in case, then wen't to get my celery.  The light came on, I got what I needed, and returned to the house.

This afternoon, I went around back and noticed the garbage can was on its side--empty (I was pretty sure there was one bag in it).  Immediately I decided a bear had taken it...and I was grateful there was no mess to pick up (not that I relished the idea of garbage strewn out somewhere in nature).  After scanning the area, I noticed that it had been taken down the slope, and grabbed the camera and another garbage bag.  I got a photo of the circumstantial evidence, and then cleaned it up.

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