Just the back yard!? Nah, I want the front and side yards landscaped in natives too.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cornus florida: Gotta Love It!

I am really fortunate.

The variety of birds I just witnessed coming to the berries of one of our flowering dogwood  trees (Cornus florida)  and the feelings they inspired make me realize how happy I am living here on this property with the man I love...and surrounded by the beauty of nature.  It renews my desire to make this a place of natural beauty that is attractive not only to us, but attracts wildlife that are also things of beauty.

After hearing the call of the pileated woodpecker again, I grabbed the camera and got a shot right before it flew off to the nearest telephone pole.  Chickadees and a titmouse caught my attention (although these were eating the sunflower seeds I'd put out).  Before I realized what I was seeing, a male bluebird arrived to get his share of the berries--it wasn't until I looked at the photos that I realized there were two of males.  Finally, a robin arrived to join the feast.  I have to wonder what I miss when not looking out the window.


Although we've added at least a dozen more dogwoods to the property, this makes me want to add even more--why not?  We have the room.  They will make great additions to the woodlands edge where I'd already planned to add some.  The one on which the birds are perched was planted by a previous owner--it is pink, although I prefer the white; once the petals fade, I can't tell the difference, and neither can the birds.


Ellen Honeycutt said...

What a wonderful, joyful post! It made me smile and think about adding more to my own landscape. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

David said...


Thank you. I think "joyous" is a great adjective to describe the feelings that went into my post. I'm looking forward to many more such moments in the years to come.

Although I've yet to touch upon it (although I do plan to), I've felt almost close to despair at not so much how little progress I feel I'm making but mostly by the crown vetch and mugwort (and other invasives) that seem to be winning out! :( However, several things have come together in the past few weeks that have me renewing my efforts. I'm now more dedicated than ever to achieve my dream.

(Mid-reply, I heard the now familiar nasally call of the pileated woodpecker, and got another photo or two--plus a video. :)

David said...


I'd say, add them if you can. :)

I loved them to begin with, but now that I see how many species their berries support, I love them even more.

Rebecca said...

Jealous! In fifty-seven years, I have seen bluebirds only twice.

David said...

Rebecca, while growing up, I never saw bluebirds. I'd read that they used to be as common as robins. My oldest sister put up a bluebird house while in our teens, however, we never got bluebirds--we didn't have the right habitat for them, I think.

Do you have a lot of open space, if not in your yard, in the area?

Here's hoping you get to see them more often.