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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bluebird Pair

The berries of the dogwood on the oldest tree were picked clean by the time we got back from Thanksgiving, but one of the dogwoods I put in early on is pretty big and has a substantial yield of berries.  

Jeff got into a cleaning spirit this morning, in preparation for Christmas decorating.  He moved a table by the window to make room for the tree.  I ended up cleaning the window inside and out.  When I took a break to eat, I sat by the window with the curtains drawn.  Looking out, I spotted the bluebirds above me on the power lines running to the house.  It was nice to see the female this time...I have to wonder how many are around.  So far, I know there were two males...and now a male and female.  I can only be sure of two males and a female until I'm lucky enough to see if there is a small flock of them around.

It is not as nice of a picture as I got of the males on the other tree, but at least I know they should be back for more berries in the days to come:

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