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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Great Backyard Bird Count: Photos & Tallies

I think it is only a month late, but here are the results of the GBBC back in February...and a few photos as well:

Okay...I just tried to find my bird count results and had no luck, so, if I find them, I'll post them later.  Either way, here are some pictures:

I had a Carolina wren, a nuthatch or two, some chickadees, and goldfinches in addition to the songbirds pictured above, but one of the highlights was when I spotted a hawk (thanks to the two crows causing a ruckus as they harassed him); it was nice to add something new to my lists.

Most surprising to me was that the rest of the birds kept on eating despite the predator so close by...perhaps they felt secure with the crows as their bodyguards.

Oh, and, not officially part of the count, there was one gray squirrel. ~smile~


Ellen Honeycutt said...

I love the way the colored plumage stands out against the snow!

David said...

Thanks, Ellen.

I like how the snow has almost totally melted by now. :) ...and that the sun seems stronger and the days are longer. As much as this snowy winter surprisingly didn't bother me (what's up with that!?!), I'm starting to think spring.

I saw my first red-wing blackbird of the season yesterday...so, it can't be much longer.