Just the back yard!? Nah, I want the front and side yards landscaped in natives too.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Amazing Encounter

 I had a surprise visitor today while working in the yard!

I thought I'd be posting about moving rocks and planting some of the thousands of seedlings that germinated from my winter sown collected wildflower seeds...and the frog I spotted sitting on a rock under the deck where I was working.  However, the frog was not the only encounter I had with wildlife today.

While I was taking photos of the frog, somehow I realized something was behind me...I can't remember now if I heard a little huff or something before or after I turned around.  Before, I think.

I turned around, and startled, I gasped!  A small spotted fawn had approached me while my back was turned.  It was so close; I swear it might have nudged me had I not turned around.  My gasp startled the fawn who jumped back and darted a few feet back.  I quickly recovered from the shock and made a soft clicking sounds which seemed to reassure it.  The fawn stopped and watched me...luckily it stuck around long enough for me to get my phone out and the camera app open.  After I took a few shots I got a video of it going back to its mother.  ~smile~

Very cool encounter.

Nothing like this ever happened to me before!


Dave said...

Great encounter! I remember when I saw 2 fox kits within 10 feet of me. Not much like sharing that energy with them.

David said...

Thanks, Dave. :)

I would LOVE to see a fox...even better to see two fox kits! Lucky you...and I'm sure you remember that feeling well. Yes, it was quite exciting...I swear the little thing would've come up and nudged me had I not turned around. The shared energy of the fawn's curiosity and my amazement was thrilling.

Had I not startled it, I can only imagine the close-ups I'd have taken. I swear it was within arms reach--but it all happened so fast, it is hard to remember clearly.