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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Within One Day!

Last night, I finally went out to clean out the nestbox after the first brood of bluebirds fledged (and I've yet to even post the few pics I have of the first brood.  I removed the old nest (and the two non-viable eggs that I found after the three birds were gone (I never seem to witness the fledging itself).  I scrubbed it down with water and bleach solution and left it open all night to dry--and, hopefully to alert the pair that it was ready again when they are.


This morning, I went out to close it.


I came home between assignments (yes, I actually worked this Saturday) and walked the yard.  Even though I had just closed it a few hours before, I decided to check inside--maybe having seen a female bluebird on the overhead wire when I got out of the car influenced me.  Sure enough, before I'd even reached for the latch, I saw a thin stalk of grass sticking out.  Once opened I was still shocked to see the progress made on their second nest of the year!

I don't really know how much time they need between raising the fledglings and starting another brood, but I usually give them a week or so.  After this experience, I am thinking I should remove the old nest as soon as possible.  I want them to have as much time as they can to get a third brood in. ~smile~

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