Just the back yard!? Nah, I want the front and side yards landscaped in natives too.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Game Cam Surprises

While sorting through the pics from the game cam--with my husband, Jeff, watching over my shoulder (so glad to see him interested and excited as a few surprises came our way). :)  

No big surprises with the rabbit, squirrel, robin, and ground hog that appeared in the pics--and I was not even surprised to see the raccoon (I've seen their prints in my latest addition to the yard--that I've yet to post about)...but I was happy to finally have a photo of one.

I have wanted to see a fox (and hopefully photograph one) in the yard for years.  I guess I knew it was possible or even likely that they were here or at least passing through...just undetected by me.  Now, I have proof. :)  YAY!

Again...no surprises that we have free-roaming cats--I love cats, but hate to see them prowling in the habitat that I am creating to support wildlife.  Domesticated cats are not natural predators of North America...and they decimate wild bird (and other critters) populations that are already struggling with habitat destruction.  So, of course, I was not happy to see these two on the game cam.

What I was not expecting was to catch what looks to me (and to Jeff) to be a bobcat! :):):)  This is a natural predator and one that I've only seen in books.  Since getting this incomplete shot of him (or her)...I have moved the game came to face in the opposite position...hoping to get a face pic next time.  :) 


Steve Willson said...

Hi, David. I hope that latest addition to the yard is the pond you were planning. I've been wondering how that project was progressing. I'm looking forward to seeing some photos.

David said...


That is so funny that you mentioned that...I was in the process of digging it this morning (an on going process that I started in December of last year, if I recall--the ground had still not frozen, so I broke ground on Christmas Day...the exact date just came back to me). :)

Anyway, I have been working at it again this summer--I learned to dig in the morning when it is cooler and there is still some shade until about 11:00-11:30.

I have been trying to take pictures regularly, but just today, I took a "teaser" pic and planned to post. :) So, you will at least see that...with more to come, I hope. (I know I have not been posting regularly, but I hope to change that.)

Thank you for your question and your interest. :)