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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Phase II...in progress...

After buying a liner last year, I never got around to digging the pond--my focus was on planting the meadow (I've yet to post about the trials and tribulation of establishing my native meadow over the past two years--I hope to post about that before too long).  As I recall, the heat of the summer kept me from digging later in the summer, but I did end up breaking ground on December 25, 2015 since the ground had yet to freeze and I had no concern about the heat. 

This summer, I am smart enough to get up early and work in the shade before noon...now I'm well on my way to digging Phase II, my largest pond ever--still not as large as I'd probably like; from all I've read, the biggest regret of any pond owner is that they didn't make it larger.

Honestly, I can't even remember how large the liner is, but I recall thinking that I could make a pond approximately 17' X 5'or 6' ft...with a depth at some point of 3 ft or so.  Time will tell.

If, somehow, I end up with a larger pond, I hope to buy a larger liner and use the one I have for a wetland.  As you can see, I'm winging this.

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