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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Aiding the Unaided Eye

After the rain finally cleared today and the sun came out, I finally got out in the yard.  Although yesterday was supposed to get close to 80, today didn't even reach 60.  As I walked the paths trying to capture more of that autumn feeling, I could hear the tapping of a woodpecker...although I couldn't see him.  Using the camera, I took some shots of the trees in the distance, hoping to spot the woodpecker once I'd uploaded the photos and enlarged them.  That is when I noticed several birds perched in the treetops.  Snapping more pictures and walking closer, I saw that there were more than I'd realized.  At various times several flew off.  I snapped pictures of them in flight and then snapped more of the activity in the treetops.  

My hope was just to identify what I couldn't make out with the naked eye...but, after uploading the photos and seeing what they were, I began to hope that I had some good shots.

Unfortunately, the quality of the photos is not what I'd like, but I'm still thrilled to know that the cedar waxwings are visiting the yard again.

...and notice, in this photo, there is the downy (or hairy?) woodpecker.

Now for some better quality photos, of other berry producers that may end up attracting more of the waxwings among other fruit-loving birds.

...And one of the black gum (Nyssa sylvatica) that I planted as a bare root seedling...beginning to show off its fall color:

It is getting almost as tall as me...and I expect it to shoot up even faster in the coming years.  I'd love for it to bloom and produce berries this coming year, but I'm not sure how soon before it becomes sexually mature.  Here's hoping for next year or the following year...and here's hoping this is one of the femalesd--as I'd love to see the birds come that close to the house.

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