Just the back yard!? Nah, I want the front and side yards landscaped in natives too.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I took this photo at the end of September, but never got around to posting it.  After stumbling across it today, I remembered Rebecca's question about an earlier picture and decided I'd put off posting this long enough.  

I finally was able to harvest some hazelnuts and see what they look like when they are mature.  Last year, a deer munched on the immature, developing husk and nut...long before it would've ripened.  So, this year, I harvested several early, and then came across these mature ones.  I tasted some and left the rest for wildlife.  Next year, there should be a lot more!

I believe these are the male catkins...I don't have photos of the female flower buds, but I'd like to assume with so many male catkins ready to overwinter, there must be a lot of the female flower buds that will bloom come spring.  Time will tell.


Rebecca said...

Your pictures make me want to plant hazelnuts.

David said...


Your comment made me smile.

If you have room for them (they don't get very tall, but probably can get pretty wide), I'd say go for it.

It is nice to know I may have inspired you to add something that you can enjoy and share with the wildlife it attracts.

Rebecca said...

With the North Parkersburg Deer Herd, the question is whether they will share anything with us.

David said...

~smile~ Thanks for the laugh--although living with an over-populated deer herd may not be funny to you and your neighbors.

Well, once the deer, turkeys, blue jays, bears, and anything else that may eat them, find them, I have a feeling that they won't share with me either. I planted them with wildlife in mind anyway. If I can harvest some for us, that is just bonus. :)