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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Finally in the Ground

The other day I got some plants together to share with a friend from work (yup, that is you, Stacie).  Aside from sharing some of the dwarf chinkapin oaks that I got earlier this year, I gave her a few asters--mostly from what I grew from seed.  I was surprised that some of the asters bloomed the first year.  Sharing some of the seedlings was the incentive I needed to get my wildflowers into the ground.  I always seem to do that so late in the season!

I chose to plant them in the plot near the road that I smothered
last year with wood chips.

Kind of crowded.

Well established roots--but not pot-bound.
Very crowded, but at least they are in the ground...in the spring,
I may choose to separate them some more.
I did break some off, separating them from the crowd, and filling
in other areas.

After planting the wildflower seedlings, I
decided to transplant some other wildflowers
from a thick patch that has spread in the past
three years or so.

The section that can become a before picture
once it grows in next year, I'll be able to see
where it all started.

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