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Friday, April 9, 2010

An Ally from the Land of O'hio

As I may have mentioned before, my first battles with the multifloral rose brought me visions of battling a dragon or Hydra. Even before I had my blog, I would think of writing about these battles. Not until reading a post on Wildlife Gardeners Forum did I realize that others have had these same ideas--though, I freely admit, TimSaupe's epic story telling style is what I imagined mine would sound like...if I had his skill. :)

With his permission I am posting some of it here. To read the entire thread, click here: http://www.wildlifegardeners.org/forum/habitat/5481-take-note-your-destruction-hand.html

Take Note: Your Destruction is at Hand
Yes, I crossed the waters and stood upon your shore this very day. I brought my axe and spade and stood amongst you; I surveyed your members and grinned as you fell beneath my gaze.

I brought my second-born as well, eager to maim and destroy. He produced his small blade and severed one of your limbs; your identity exposed, we set to work.

Your numbers are strong, yet our resolve stronger. The spade bit into the earth and severed your base. You were pulled asunder, your carcass thrown in a heap soon to be joined by others.

We took note of those you had kept captive, made weak and frail by your presence. And we took special care to defend them as we tore you apart. Your allies were seen as well; pass word that their sunrises are numbered.

You stood defiant and silent. You towered above us and your children stood below us. But take note: None will be Spared. Your children will follow the fate of their parents, and nothing will stop my second-born nor I until you have been totally and completely obliterated.

Upon this, you have my Word . . .
After asking what specifically he was battling, I read this reply:

I returned upon the yester-day with my first born; she who is tall and fair, yet lacks the touch of violence needed for this task. She would set about clipping your limbs and helping to expose your identity to me.

I took note that the waters seemed quieter, almost as if they were welcoming my passage. I strode across and stood in the small clearing I had made before and took a moment to decide whom would die first.

I will give credit where it is due; you are a powerful beast. You take hold and erupt from seemingly everywhere - whether it be a dead stump, the waters or any spare inch of ground.

An ally from the East asked me to speak your name. To Science, you are maackii of the fair Lonicera. A vile monster under the common-tongue name of 'honeysuckle'. But to those with knowledge of your true self, you are exposed as 'Corruptor' and 'Dominator' or 'That Which Spreads Unheeded'. You have accomplished the task of overrunning O'hi'o.

But upon my small parcel of land, you are known as 'That Which Will Be Annihilated'.

You managed to take blood from me yester-day. Small nicks and cuts were all you could manage while I continued my path south along the water's edge. I tore into one of your older members and was surprised to find -

- I was not the first to attempt this.

A few of your elders bore cut stumps that had been burned. But then they made the mistake of leaving you. Leaving you to heal, and like a hydra you grew new and stronger limbs. But I know that in order to truly destroy you, one must dig and remove your heart.

When I finally tore you out, I let loose a low and maniacal laugh at your death . . . in hindsight I would wonder if a touch of the darkness you keep in your heart had somehow entered me as well. No matter. I tossed your carcass upon the heap with the rest.

I found the one growing low at the water's edge and smiled. You cannot hide from me. The water does not need your filth hanging over it.

The jays were screaming at one another in the canopy above. No doubt sending a warning that Man was afoot in their territory. I do not expect them to understand that I do this for their future.

But I expect You to understand that your Future is Closing by the Moment.


And after laughing for a good 40 seconds at being named "an ally from the East", my attempt at a response:
Although I am battling the same Corruptor, there is another beast I battle.

Today I attacked the beast I thought I had subdued. All of its tenacles had been severed last year and had not yet had a chance to regrow. However, as I dug for its heart my trusty weapon was split in two! My battle scars are from my own fractured weapon not its sharp talons that drew my blood.

Through correspondence with an ally in the land of O'hio, I learned that we are battling a common foe. Not only is he a mighty warrior, but also, a great poet. Although I do not have the heart of a poet, I will relay my recent battle.

Inspired by the angry warrior from the West, I battled you, my foe again. I found the ground in which you stand very loose as though the very Earth wanted to vomit you up. The battle was hard won since my favorite weapon was destroyed nearly a fortnight ago. In the end I pulled you up with my bare hands hearing your ribs crack as I pulled your heart out exposing your dark heart to the sun.

Your brethren in your midst, I wrenched out of the ground. The Earth happy to be rid of them as well.

...and, after taking several shots to get this picture, I realized that I am a "plant geek" as one of the member's husband calls us. ~smirk~ Oh well.

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