Just the back yard!? Nah, I want the front and side yards landscaped in natives too.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Red Trillium (Trillium erectum)

This is not my favorite trillium, but I think it looks pretty striking in the early morning light. I'm liking it a lot better now. :)

I found it in the flowerbed that I inherited from the previous owner among the invasive groundcovers, spring bulbs, and traditional perennials. Last year I took a small division from the pretty good-sized patch and planted it in the front landscaping I began last year. I feel lucky to have found the (very) few native wildflowers on the property. I plan to spread more this year into the woodland and the side yard "woodland 'hedgerow'".

Scroll back up...and tell me it doesn't look much better in a more natural setting.

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