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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Flurry of Activity

This morning, the activity at the feeder caught my eye and I took some time to watch (which I should do more often). A blue jay performed a fairly graceful leap and a twisting turn, a branch swayed back and forth, something had spooked the birds. Approaching the window, I saw a squirrel scampering through the snow toward the feeder. The activity resumed.

I grabbed my camera and tried to get some shots of the squirrel. I brave little wren (which I haven't seen since I posted the earlier picture) perched on the branch below the feeding squirrel. Cardinals, jays, a wren, and two squirrels all feeding together. Suddenly, another bird flew toward the feeder--everyone scattered. As I tried to figure out what kind of new bird was visiting my feeder, it took off to perch on a tree on the edge of the property.

At some point as it was flying off and I noticed everything else had disappeared, I realized it was a hawk. Seeing it perched in the distance confirmed it. It was difficult to get a clear shot, but I'll post what I did get before it flew off, empty handed, about 5 minutes later. Not that I wanted to see it take a bird or squirrel, but it has to eat too.

Before the event.

...and after the missed attack. Perhaps there were too many choices, but, for what ever the reason, the hawk landed empty handed:

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