Just the back yard!? Nah, I want the front and side yards landscaped in natives too.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Finished Reading

I finished reading Douglas W. Tallamy's Bringing Nature Home. I really enjoyed it, and like any good book, I didn't quite want it to end. I found it informative, and now I'm more convinced than ever that planting natives is vital...not just for the beauty of the plants (and animals they attract), but also, because, without them, higher organisms that we prize cannot survive.

Aside from providing berries and seeds for birds, native plants support a plethora of insects these birds need to feed their nestlings. By planting host plants for native butterflies, we are also providing one of the most sought after foods birds tend to feed their young--caterpillars.

I was thrilled to read that many of the trees and shrubs I already have and those I just added are great host plants for many insects which support higher forms of life. Many others that I plan to add are also listed as some of the best providers. Although on some level, I understood that my love of native trees, shrubs, flower, grasses, and the like were important to the environment, this book painted a clear picture of just how important they are...and why. Recommended reading for anyone interested in birds and butterflies even if they have yet to become interested in native plants.


Rebecca said...

The Tallamy book is one of my favorites.

David said...

I really enjoyed Sara Stein's Planting Noah's Garden... I never read her first on Noah's Garden, and I probably should.

I really enjoyed Tallamy's information on the sustaining power of natives.

MrILoveTheAnts said...

If you ever have the opportunity to meet him in person and get him to sign your copy, what he writes just sums up the book so well. I won't ruin it.

David said...

Thanks for the suggestion, MrILoveTheAnts. I borrowed the book from the library...but I almost want to read it again already, so I should add it to my collection.

I'd love to see him lecture.

Tom Dailey said...

My wife and I were trying to come up with an idea for the backyard-1/4 acre with 16 full grown trees- no grass. I read the book and it focused the individual pieces of knowledge I already had along with a much bigger amount I learned from the book. Working on natives for the front yard , also.

David said...


Great to hear that you are able to use what you know and add what you learned to make your 1/4 acre better for you, your wife, and wildlife. :)

Great that you have many full grown trees. I have a few, but by filling in around them, I hope to create a woodland area.

Feel free to keep us posted with your progress. Thanks for the comment.

You may want to read Planting Noah's Garden and Tallamy's Bringing Nature Home.