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Monday, February 21, 2011

One Year Ago Today

Having a three day weekend helps me be more productive. I got a few things done, but by the end of the day yesterday, I decided to put off planting the wildflower seeds I collected last fall. Yesterday, I was looking through past posts here, when I came across the first batch of seeds I planted--it was exactly one year ago today. So, last night, I was determined to get them planted. I was not expecting to have to shovel 10 inches of snow this morning and search through the snow for the pots I'd planned to use.

Luckily I found them, filled them with top soil and potting mix, planted the seeds, and took several pictures of the process. My only regret was that I should've used at least one more pot...I think I collected a lot more seeds this year, and the pots were pretty crowded last year!

I piled snow over top of them again same as last year. Here's hoping I have a lot of successful germination.

Stored seeds.

Lucky to find the pots buried under all that snow.

Fill with top soil.

Seeds added, then covered in potting mix.

As I did last year, I covered them all with snow.

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