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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Brushpile Birds

Last spring, I created a pretty huge brushpile in the lower section of our property between the hedgerow and the woodland (both of which are still works in progress).  I really had no idea what to do with that section--and I didn't want to mow it or let it get overrun with mugwort.

Creating a huge brushpile there seemed like a logical, if temporary thing to do.  Originally, I figured that, by the time it had pretty much decayed, I would have figured out what to plant there.  Shortly afterward, I think I started wondering about continually refreshing and maintaining a pile there.  Although I still haven't decided, today, I am feeling that that idea has a lot of merit.

I know brushpiles benefit wildlife, but, with the birds utilizing it in the winter, and the likelihood of sparrows nesting there this spring, I may very well want to maintain it for many years to come. :)

Here are my "brushpile bird photos" from today's stroll in the yard--with pretty frigid temperatures and an impending storm coming tomorrow night--12-18 inches of snow predicted (more than we had in snow totals so far this winter, I believe).

First the junco(s):

The actual brushpile--well, part of it...this doesn't show
the full size, nor do it justice.

...and now the sparrows.  There seems to be a pair...and I believe they have nested in the yard before--in my original, smaller brushpile, I believe.

I would be thrilled to have them as regular residents...and create enough habitat to have several breeding pairs.

I'm thinking the brushpile should become a permanent fixture. :)

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