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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Seed Order

I finally placed my seed order with Ernst (third year in a row...as I try to establish my native meadow).

I purchased fewer species than last year--several things that I wanted were no longer in stock.  That is fine, because, as long as what I've sown over the past two or three years grows, I will have a source of more seeds to add in coming years.  Also, I purchased plugs last year (and plan to again this spring) from Archewild.

This year, I am growing my own plugs from seeds I collected from our yard and the roadside...using the leftover containers from the purchased plugs.  After this spring, I will have even more containers and more species to collect seeds from. :)  It is a slower process than I hoped (mainly because some of the sections I'd tried to smother were not ready to plant)...but, I am making headway. :)

The species I ended up ordering are little bluestem--Fort Indian Gap PA ecotype (I finally gave up on trying to grow something more local, since I have nothing to show for it (even though what I had winter sowed did germinate--I think I transplanted them too late in the season and had nothing to show for it last spring).

little bluestem Fort Indian Gap PA ecotype
autumn bentgrass PA ecotype
Baptisia australis PA ecotype
path rush  PA ecotype

Hmm...shorter list than I thought.  This was from memory--I'll now if I missed any when they arrive. ;)   I had 7 or 8 species picked out, but some of the flowers were out of stock...and I held off on one grass whose height ranged from 3-6ft.

To this, I have various seeds of my own--Penestemon digitalis, various asters, fox sedge, and who knows how many more that I can't recall.

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