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Saturday, March 13, 2010

...And Some Welcomed Visitors

Although today is damp and chilly--especially after almost a week in the 50's, I keep going outside.  The yard keeps calling to me.  My second time out, I took down the nesting box which was poorly placed anyway.  I decided to go back out a third time, and just before I opened the back door, I saw several robins hopping around just outside the window--very close to the house.  As I looked around I realized there had to be at least half a dozen.

I didn't open the door, but ran back to get my camera instead.  When surveyed the yard a second time I counted at least a dozen.  Again the camera doesn't do it justice, but I shot a few pictures to document what I saw.  Personally, I've never seen so many robins at once.  They really were a welcome lift to my spirits after the house sparrow from earlier this morning.

Once it is March, I always feel that spring is here--whether the weather is cooperating or not.  The days are getting noticeably longer and I start seeing signs of green and growth.  I was thrilled to see the robins today...but I'm still waiting for another harbinger of spring.  My ninth grade Biology teacher told us that robins are often year-round residents, but when one sees the first red-wing blackbirds, then spring is right around the corner.  According to Mr. Fresch the males arrive first and about two weeks later the females arrive...and so does spring.

Even so, I was thrilled to see so many robins in my backyard.  I only wish I didn't go outside, because I guess I scared them off.  I always thought robins were pretty comfortable with people.  Hopefully they'll be back in droves!  ~smile~

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