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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Their Finished Nest

I'm finally posting a picture of the bluebirds finished nest.  This is the second one of the season...and I hope they have time to build another and raise a third clutch...but I guess I'm getting ahead of myself.


Julie Stone said...

Hey, that's great, congratulations! They must really like your habitat. Mine are on the same schedule and their second brood should be fledging today or tomorrow. Four from the first and four from this one, that's 8 new birds, hooray!

David said...

Thanks, Julie.

They must really like YOUR habitat too!

How long have you been providing nestboxes for them?

It does feel good knowing that their population must be growing. I hope to put up more boxes and see if I could get another nesting pair here--some of their offspring maybe.

Julie Stone said...

We've had nestboxes out since the day we moved in, 9 years ago. We have 2 bluebird boxes, placed at extreme opposite ends of our triangular shaped lot, only a half acre, and there's a 3rd down on the golf course. The 3 boxes are each about 100 yards apart, all facing south, that's the recommendation from the bluebird society. We've never had bluebirds in all 3 boxes at the same time, this year we've had blues in the first and third, with tree swallows in the middle. The extra boxes seem to relieve the stress from competition from the swallows, there's room for everybody. If you have an acre or more, surely there's room for at least 3 ;)

David said...

That's wonderful that you've been doing this so long. I put up two boxes the first spring we were here...we moved in at the end of October, and I spotted bluebirds in December! So up went the boxes. We've had bluebirds each year since--this will be the fourth spring/summer.

We are fortunate enough to have two acres. Currently, we have four nestboxes up. I've had bluebirds in one box each year (almost always the same box)...and tree swallows, too. Twice we've had chickadees.

All of my boxes are facing east...I thought that was the recommendation. Hmm...makes me wonder.

My boxes are approximately 50 feet apart...but, by putting one up on the farthest side of the property (nearest the house), I could have 100 yards between the box they most often choose and that one. So, if I'm lucky, perhaps I could have two pairs on the property at the same time.

It is nice that you have three boxes to watch even if only two are on your property.