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Sunday, February 17, 2013

That Time of Year Again--Winter Sowing

This past year, I collected a lot more seed than usual...and I traded some with a Wildlife Gardener's member from NJ (thanks again, Lori).  Although I could have planted them over Christmas break, it seems I've developed a tradition--or at least a habit--of sowing them mid-February.  I'm actually a couple of days ahead of schedule...but, I'm not done yet.

Last week, I bought some plastic containers at the dollar store and picked up some potting soil at a local nursery.  Today, I told Jeff that I was hoping to finally sort through my seeds and hopefully plant them.  He surprised me by saying he would help if I did it inside at the kitchen table.  I covered the table and filled the containers with soil outside (after drilling holes for drainage).   It actually turned out not to be as messy as I'd feared. We did a great job containing any mess...what little there was.

I have to admit, that Jeff thought we were planting vegetable seeds at first, but he was still willing to help.  Jeff specialized in making labels--he has better writing than me.  He also helped me sprinkle on some of the seeds.  It was great doing this together.    ~smile~   (Thank you, Jeffrey! :) )

I've never been this organized with my seeds before!  Over the past couple of years, I've just sprinkled the various species of wildflower seeds I'd collected in the same containers.  I figured they'd be mixed together in the meadow anyway.  I do feel good being better organized this year.

As good as that looks, I still have a LOT left...and a lot that is not organized--nor labelled.

I can't wait until I have all of these wildflowers and grass growing out on our property...building habitat and attracting more wildlife...and more beauty for us to enjoy.

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