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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I've Waited Long Enough

After the disappointment and sadness of discovering at least one of the bluebird fledglings had died, I'd left the nestbox open. Yesterday, I finally cleaned it out with a bleach and water solution. After rinsing it and letting it dry out, I finally closed it up again...just a little hopeful that we'll have another bluebird pair...and a successful brood.

I think the male bluebird was in mourning (as was I, I think)...He had been sitting atop the nestbox for a couple of days after losing his young--and possibly the female...I hadn't seen her the whole time he was hanging out. I'm hoping she took the surviving young somewhere else and will return. At least there is a clean home ready and waiting for them if they decide to try again.

Cleaned out and sterilized.

Closed up. The entrance hole looks enticing.


Julie Stone said...

David, I'm so sorry for theirs and your loss. That's such a sad thing to have to clean up. My bluebirds are working on a second nest now, so hopefully yours will too.

David said...

Thank you, Julie. :)

I buried the nest and remains when I first discovered them, but it took me a while to clean and disinfect. I hope I didn't wait too long and hope that they bluebirds will return...and have more success.

Great to hear that your pair are working on their second nest! :) Congratulations.

Thank you for the comment and your sympathy.