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Friday, June 17, 2011

Swallow Nest, Wasp Nest

Now that I realize that the tree swallows were still building their nest and not raising their young already, I decided to take a look in the box. They didn't dive bomb me as they have in past years--never actually making contact as I'd read prior to experiencing the scare tactic. Perhaps because there are only eggs at the moment and no hatchlings.

I spotted a wasp nest (I believe it is a species from Europe similar to our yellow jackets--but, luckily, minus the temper). Perhaps they could have lived in harmony with the tree swallow family, but I wasn't taking any chances, so, after taking a picture, I grabbed a stick and knocked the nest onto the ground.

Shortly after I walked away, one of the parents (I can't tell them apart) went over to check that everything was okay. :)

Perhaps this pair of tree swallows will learn to trust me, but I'm guessing after the young have hatched, they won't take as kindly to my monitoring the box.

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