Just the back yard!? Nah, I want the front and side yards landscaped in natives too.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

House Hunting or Moving In

On this beautiful, sunny day, I spotted a bluebird pair checking out all three nest boxes. :) I took several pictures through a window...none of them terribly well focused, but one does show a bit of grass in the males beak, so I wonder if their decision was made and they are moving in.

It is sunny, but rather cold today--at least based on the temperatures we have been getting. Today is high 30s, but tomorrow should be around 50! ~smile~ Maybe I'll get out and get some better pictures that aren't taken through glass or at such a distance.

If the dried grass is actually an indication of their final choice and not just a part of the mating ritual, then they seem to have picked the box closest to the house.

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