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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Promises Kept

In December, I posted some bird pictures with a promise of more to come. Although I have posted a few more, it seems there are fewer this year than last--maybe I'm just more discerning in what I post, but I think there have been fewer birds (or I've spent less time watching and photographing them). Today, with sustained temperatures lower than it has been in quite a while, I've notice a lot more birds and more of the variety I'd gotten used to.

At last, a nuthatch showed up today...as well as a chickadee...but not in the numbers I'm used to from past winters. Finally I have more photos to share--I think I spent more time cropping and adjusting them than I did taking them. Here's hoping that I get a lot of visitors next week when I do the Great Backyard Bird Count. :)


Ellen Honeycutt said...

Beautiful - I have been taking pictures of birds today. Those nuthatches are SO fast, it is amazing what great pictures you get.

David said...

Thank you.

How did you bird pictures turn out?

They can be fast...same with the chickadees...but it isn't so hard when I'm sitting inside a cozy house taking pictures out the window. However, you have no idea how many shots I miss.

Ellen Honeycutt said...

I got some good ones - other ones of empty spots, some of them with wings taking off, and a few of their backsides. Thank goodness for digital cameras.

David said...

Good job, sounds about right to me...I rarely post the bad ones, though I was tempted to post one of a *blurred* goldfinch in flight. If I were still doing oil paintings, that might still make a great pose for a painting.

Yes, what did we do before digital!?! I guess we either wasted film or missed shots trying not to waste film. :)

R K Young said...

Nuthatches are one of my absolute favorites. Great shots!

David said...

Thanks, R.K. :)

I'd been waiting to see them...they are among my (many) favorites as well. Glad they showed up finally.