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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Jury is Still Out on This One

Today, I spotted what I thought was a turkey vulture--I'm not good with bird IDs I guess (I learned that years ago when I mistook a turkey vulture for a hawk)--after uploading the pictures and cropping them for close-ups, I realized that I'd need some help with identification, so I posted these in Wildlife Gardeners...so far, with two responses, we are thinking it is either a golden eagle or an immature bald eagle.

I have seen bald eagles around here twice before...that still amazes me as I think of them as being out in the wilderness. Just the other day I saw something large (like an eagle) fly across the field below us. Perhaps I'll see them more often in the coming years.


Julie Stone said...

My vote is for immature Bald Eagle. What a great sighting, congratulations!

David said...

Thank, Julie. I'm leaning toward immature bald eagle, too...based on comparison pictures I've seen.

It was amazing to see...third (or fourth) bald eagle I've seen since we moved here...one while I was walking, the rest I've seen from our property.

David said...

I just pulled my Peterson Field Guide off the shelf, and I feel sure now that it is an immature bald eagle--imagine that, yesterday I was studying blurry, small comparison photos online, while I had a clear picture in a good, old-fashioned book sitting on a shelf across the room from me!